I began practising yoga in 1985 at the East/West centre in London and while studying for a degree in Applied Psychology my interest in eastern philosophies and practices developed further. I also gained valuable experience working as a nurse assistant in a hospice, alongside training as a massage therapist and yoga teacher with the BWY. 


Inspired by motherhood, and my search for a deep source of nourishment, I discovered Macrobiotics (meaning large life), an oriental philosophy based on an understanding of the laws of nature. When we live in harmony with these basic laws we can experience  good health and ultimately  the “freedom” to live life to our full potential. 


From cooking classes, over the years  I’ve embarked on more in-depth study of Macrobiotic principles with many inspiring teachers and completed a 4 year professional training with The International Macrobiotic School In Devon as a Macrobiotic & Life Coach, Specialist Cook & Healing Guide. This has enhanced my work as a yoga teacher and has enabled me to work more deeply with others on their healing path. 

Based in Hertfordshire with my family I also have worked as a yoga teacher and cook at Puyssentut in the South of France, a centre offering retreats for people with cancer

Yoga Teacher Melanie Hubbard